Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Lightning...rain...oh yeah!

Check out the lightning we had here in the valley last night! It was crazy... but beautiful. An inch of rain here and the best part...only 102 today! So...Shaun and I have been trying to break the dogs of sleeping with us since the professionals say it is better to get the dogs used to a new routine long before the new baby comes...but I have to admit, I broke my resolve during that crazy thunderstorm. They jumped up and snuggled right in...We are just a couple of pushovers. Back to square one tonight!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Air Conditioning...oh beauty

Well, I suppose that the point of the whole blog thing is to actually blog...I mean write. Shaun and I are sweating away the hot summer days here in Scottsdale.

My sister came down last week and left the children with us for a couple of days. Here is my impression of Caden, "I want to say NO!" then, after he receives a stern reply, "OH, I so funny!" I don't know how he does it, but it seriously is just about the cutest thing...I just find myself saying, "Want some chocolate or popcorn?" Man, I need to get it together before Ellie comes. Poor thing, she'll hear, "Want some soy nuts or carab nuggets?"

Seriously, we had a great time with the kiddos...the best part was when we all went to see Beauty & the Beast at our local dinner theatre. It was an absolutely fantastic performance and watching the kids faces was a memory I will never forget. Caden did quite well, even after putting all of his tomatoes in his water! His sister, Lucy, a fan of tomatoes, actually drank it but was not impressed with the flavor! For those of you in the PHX area, you should check out the play.

As far as adoption rumors go, the new is getting more and more positive. I am anxious to hear what China does this next week when referrals come out. It will give us a better idea of where we are at time wise. I found this funny graphic on another website and got a chuckle. We are now at code red. I repeat, we are now at code red. But after this week, we'll be back at blue...hmm. Hope ya'll can follow this stream-of-conciousness entry. love, c