Saturday, January 27, 2007

Home sweet home! is near 4am Saturday morning and we have been home sweet home for hours...guess who is still awake! I've unpacked just about everything and am obsessively listening to the baby monitor...yes, she is still breathing!
The flight home went very well because there was a free seat next to ours so Ellie slept there for about eight of the twelve hours we were in flight...Mom got a lot of sleep too which is why she is awake and blogging at 4am!
This whole experience has been amazing. I feel so incredibly blessed that I feel like shouting to the world. It has been some time since I was reminded of how lucky we are to live in the United States. Our freedoms and our bounty are so often taken for granted. I was incredibly happy to come home to Arizona and begin our life with Ellie, always respecting the country that gave her to us, but unbelievably happy to live here in the good ol USA...(Canada is pretty cool too for all you Lougheads!)
I know I've said it before, but the love and support we received from our you all continues to astound're the best group of friends and families a couple of Zonies could ask for! love, Cassie & Shaun

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Red Couch...finally!

This red couch is famous here at the White swan because for years families have taken photos of the children and their families to commemorate their adoption...not sure how the tradition started, but you know what they say about tradition...don't mess with it. So, here are the three children from Gansu Province. From the left: Lola, Ellie & Sam. Ellie and Sam are the exact same age and from the same orphanage in Huining. Sam's Chinese name is Hui Ning and Ellie's is Hui Ping...I love the picture below here, it looks like they are having a long conversation about their new parents!

We went and swore an honesty oath before the US consulate today and when our passports are stamped in LA Ellie will be an official citizen of the USA! She is celebrating by playing and jabbering on the floor in the hotel room! We went out with Kelly and Ellen (otherwise known as Sam's parents!) after the consulate appointment and had burgers at a restaurant called Lucy's...reminded me of home...

We are so excited to start our journey home tomorrow..It is unbelievable that it is nearly over. What a fantastic experience...and what a wonderful blessing our little Ellie is. All things are perfect in His time...Don't know if we will get another post in before we head home...we have loved sharing these amazing moments in our lives with all of you. love, Cassie& Shaun

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

By the Pearl River

Well...we are having fun exploring the area...

Today we walked along the Pearl River and enjoyed the sights and sounds...It is not very warm here, but it isn't too bad with a coat. Ellie wore the hat Aunt Robin gave her today and made quite a fashion statement...I think pink bears everywhere were pleased.

Ellie is crawling a little now which is a treat to watch...she's pretty slow so we can keep up...give her a week and we'll be chasing her about!

We sure are looking forward to coming, C & S

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Ellie reads...well she plays with books!

She's come a long way...when I first showed her the book she just would close it can keep her entertained for at least five minutes or so!

It is hard to believe we have just had her a little over one week. She has changed so much it is incredible!

Out and About in Guangzhou

We took to the streets least for a little while. The weather has cleared up considerably and we are thankful for that...

Ellie is sitting on the floor making the most hysterical gutteral sounds like she swallowed a small monster!

Shaun and I watched a little Football while she took her morning nap...felt like being at home minus the potato skins!

I tried taking some artistic shots while Shaun carried Ellie...the ally one was pretty good I thought...he took this bridge picture...much better than my attempts!

More, C

What a Sweetie!

What can I say...She has completely stolen our hearts...We stayed in most of today because the wind picked up with the rain and it was a bit chilly, but tonight it calmed down and we went out with the two other couples to Thai food. The curry was great...the place was very kid friendly and was packed with other adopting families. So many adorable babies and happy parents. It is wonderful to witness.
Ellie made it through the day with no fever...just a 24 hour thing thank goodness. We're all caught up on sleep and feeling good. We are starting to miss home. We can't wait to see Ellie in her room and see Kata's reaction to her (I doubt he'll be jealous...Ha ha) but we are content to take advantage of this very special time with our little girl...

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Life in Guangzhou

We are so happy to be in Guangzhou. Even though it rained part of today, it was still warm enough to walk around a little bit and enjoy the beautiful area around our hotel...Shaun says it reminds him of what he imagines Savannah Georgia to be...not that either of us have been there!

Ellie had a fever last night, so we were put to the test with dealing with a little sickie...She is much better today...taking a lot of naps in between charming the socks off of her parents.

The medical exam and consulate paperwork went well today and now we just have to hang tight until our consulate appointment on Thursday.

These pics were taken very near our hotel. It is so nice here...there is a man from New York who has a restaurant with pizza that delivers to the hotel...I know we should be eating Chinese food, but right now, a slice of pie sounds to good to pass up!

I see on CNN that the Southwest is gearing up for another storm! Keep warm you guys! Miss you. C

Friday, January 19, 2007

We Made It To Guangzhou!

One flight down and two more to go! We made it to the airport and through the near three hour flight from Lanzhou to Guangzhou today...Ellie did wonderful until the airplane started to descend and then there was screaming and tears...and two new parents trying to do anything to make her feel better! She made it...and was chuckling in no time thanks to the chinese gentleman behind us making funny faces at her...

The White Swan hotel is a hot spot for adopting parents. It is on Shaiman Island on the Pearl river. The hotel is very nice...nicer than the last spot...We are feeling pretty posh. Our view is mostly city view...Ten million people live here, so you can imagine...a big city.

Tomorrow we have a medical appointment. A formality in the adoption process; then we are planning on walking along the river and doing some shopping. The weather is much nicer here...mid 70s and we are ready to get Ellie out and about.

Didn't have time for too many pics, but here are a few I just took...more later.

We love reading the posts...makes us so happy to have so many wonderful people in our lives. Love you all...until next time...C & S

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ellie's first bath (With Mom & Dad!)

Ok...first had to happen you can see...she was very unhappy with Mom and was the quickest bath ever! She has recovered and she smells sweet.

Thursday...leaving Lanzhou tomorrow!

Here are some pics from our city tour yesterday...We thought we would be going on a bus and getting out to take pictures...ended up that we were taking a bus to walk around various places...pretty chilly!! Note the Panda...the Panda had a nice habitat with rocks and trees...must be nice being tops! Not so for the Bengal tiger...he just had a cage with a concrete floor...
Ellie handled the cold a little better than Mom and Dad...but I got worried and put my scarf around her...made a cute picture too!

What a Day!

Ellie's floor time has become so much fun to watch...when she doesn't see us she works hard and squirming on her hands and knees to get to things, but the minute she sees us she cries for help.

The Pic on the left is of Ellie sleeping hard after our tour of the city...It was so cold and she fell asleep in her little suit as I walked around with her. It was sweet.


Here is Ellie at Breakfast looking out the window at the cars on the street...I was holding her up but she is getting pretty strong legs!
To the right is a bowl of Lanzhou Noodles...a specialty here. They eat it for breakfast and Shaun and I are loving it. The chef actually makes the noodles at the cooking station. He swirls the dough through the air...pretty amazing.


Last night at dinner...Ellie ate absolutely everything...even some spicy stuff...which might be why we were up a bit in the night!