Thursday, November 09, 2006

We are NEXT!

We are next...we are next (cue yippee doo da music!) Shaun and I keep looking at eachother and saying...."Twenty days!" (Or some similar number depending on the day. Last night we were talking about how unreal it feels that it is actually going to happen soon...funny, since we thought we would already be home with our little Ellie months ago....but we are so so so excited to finally see our Ellie's picture and know more about her. If all goes well, we will be posting her picture soon so keep checking!

FYI...Once we get the referral at the end of this month we are told that it will be four to eight weeks before we travel to China to pick up our little precious girl. We both are sure it will be closer to eight weeks so it will most likely be January before we go....I have a feeling that time will fly (It already is!)