Thursday, January 04, 2007

Let the packing begin!

We finally got the call this week....we are heading to China a week from tomorrow! We can hardly believe it is finally happening! I am now realizing that packing for Shaun and I to travel is one thing...but the baby stuff is a tad confusing for those of us rookies! So many people have given great advice so I think we are doing pretty well...The house looks like three bombs went off in it (which I'm told is how it will look all of the time when the children we'll get used to it!)
We found out that once our 24 hour travel marathon is over, our little girl will be waiting to meet us at the heart races a bit just imagining that moment...The China Director at our agency says just jump in and start swimming...I guess that's what we are about to do and we can't stop smiling.

Shaun and I celebrate our 11th anniversary this weekend, and though it seems like small potatoes compared to the other happenings in our lives, we are going to pause and go to our last dinner and a movie without getting a babysitter...We are taking movie suggestions...please give a star rating...or bag of popcorn all you guys. C