Monday, December 04, 2006

Exciting Times!

As you all can imagine, Shaun and I are still smiling ear to ear about our little girl. We have been doing a bit of research about the area that Ellie will be coming from and are so excited to go and get her!

We were imediately blessed by Dr. and Mrs. Tan, my friend Tavia's Mother-in-law and Father-in-law. They translated Ellie's documents for us. We were so happy to quickly find out all about her...and they were just wonderful to do it for us! We learned that she is healthy, likes to be held and the outdoors, she likes to tear paper, laughs out loud, is a sound sleeper (yeah!) and eats a variety of foods.

We also have met via the wild world of the internet someone who also adopted from Huining China. She tells us that there are not too many babies adopted out of that area and that they have only been doing international adoptions for two years. She also informed us that the orphanage where Ellie is living is quite small and the babies are taken home by their caretakers when they are not working. This would explain why Ellie is closest to her caretaker. (As it said in her report.) The hat that Ellie is wearing is a type of hat that the orphanage gives all of their baby. My new friend sent me a picture of her little girl with her hat on.

I also have been in contact with one of the mothers (Ellen) that will be traveling with us (She and her husband) to get her little boy from the same orphanage. Their little boy was born on the same day as Ellie and is adorable. He too is wearing the Huining Hat and is sitting next to the same doll that Ellie was with in her picture. I am so happy to be traveling with Ellen because she has already adopted two babies and will definately be a nice resource for two first time parents like us! I'm sure Ellie and Sam are buds and will have fun hanging out in the hotel, (away from the cold) together.

I feel like I have been rambling, but there really is so much happening that I feel like I better start filling you all in on the excitement!

We will be traveling to Lanzhou, a large city in the Gansu province when we travel. I will send more info on the city etc...sooon. love you all! Cassie