Thursday, November 30, 2006

So here's the scoop

Hellooooo...we are so happy and crazed that I hope this post makes sense! Here's the scoop...

Her name is Hui Ping soon to be Elaine (Ellie) Hui Ping Holmes
Born April 12, 2006 (Only a little over 7months!)
She is in the Gansu Province of China which is in the northern part of the country...almost to Mongolia!....yes...we are going to be cold cold cold in January!

Trust me...more is coming!
Here she is again!

More pictures

Introducing Elaine (Ellie) Hui Ping Holmes

I can still hardly believe it...I'll give you all the details soon, but I know that you want to see pictures so I'll work on those first!

we're in!

China has made it past our log in date!!! Should be hearing today or tomorrow! We're on pins and needles!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Oh the fabulous waiting!

It is way past my bedtime, (Shaun is already fast asleep!) but I am wide awake...hoping to see something change on China's website...yes...after two years of waiting, the mind is going a little crazy...this even after phone calls to my sister and Father-in-law (Thanks for all the great encouragement you two!)

I can't believe that it has really come down to these final days. The rumor queen website is filled with people just like me...deliriously of them is baking banana bread at I guess I'm not that bad off! I'll post the little one's picture soon as we get it. Love you guys. Cassie

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

This Week is THE Week!

This quote comes from the Rumor Queen blog..."An agency tells their people that referrals have been mailed and should be here Thursday. I’ve heard this from more than one person from this agency. " This means that we will most certaily get to see a picture of our little girl within the week! Unbelievable! The Champagne is on ice! Wahoo! Love, Cassie & Shaun