Saturday, December 16, 2006

Here's the other new picture

Here is the other updated picture we received...It's such a similar pose as the earlier one, that when you see them side by side you can really see that time is certainly flying by and she's growing bigger and cuter by the minute! We are so ready to get over there!

Merry Christmas to us...more pictures!

I was so surprised to get the more recent pictures from our agency...It just never occurred to me that we would get any more. I was stunned as I sat at the computer looking at our little girl...just getting older and cuter by the minute! I must say that my emotions are all over the place...I just want to have her in my arms.

Doesn't she look sassy all standing up! She looks so strong and like they are taking good care of her...but I can't wait to see her smile. All of her paperwork says she is quick to smile, but we haven't seen it...I guess that will be one of our treasured moments in China....Seeing that first smile at us...ahhhh! Get me on a plane!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Huining....wish I were there...

I just wanted to get Ellie's pic back up here where I could see it first thing! Ahhh...I never get tired of looking at her sweet little face. I've become pretty compulsive about looking up the weather in boss just chuckles at my weather reports. I just say, "It keeps me closer, knowing even just a little bit about where she is!"

Monday, December 11, 2006

How cool is cold?

Shaun and I continue to be amazed that the time has finally arrived. It's go time and we are looking at eachother as if to say, "When are you gonna get packing?" Every conversation about the trip ends in, "Thermal underwear, yeah, we gotta get some of really think the silk things are warm?" So no Thermals packed yet...except some for Ellie that are pink with purple letters that say, "Little Princess," (I couldn't resist).

I've been checking the weather in Lanzhou regularly. 26 degrees is the Hi today...a storm is coming. Boy I sure hope they are keeping socks on Ellie! I wish we had her already here...what a wonderful Christmas that would be!

I thought I would show you all a few photos from the day we got Ellie's information...I can't take my eyes off of her...those sweet little cheeks.

The picture above were taken right after we saw Ellie for the first time...a bit misty...or maybe a bit more that misty! Sonja is on the left and she is our agency connection. They have all been so wonderful to Shaun and I!

If you come to our house, we could subject you to the video docudrama that was referral day...we are real goobs in it...especially on the drive to the agency! What can we say...we're happy goobers.