Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Thursday...leaving Lanzhou tomorrow!

Here are some pics from our city tour yesterday...We thought we would be going on a bus and getting out to take pictures...ended up that we were taking a bus to walk around various places...pretty chilly!! Note the Panda...the Panda had a nice habitat with rocks and trees...must be nice being tops! Not so for the Bengal tiger...he just had a cage with a concrete floor...
Ellie handled the cold a little better than Mom and Dad...but I got worried and put my scarf around her...made a cute picture too!


Tavia said...

You guys are the cutest family ever. I love the new pictures. Good luck on your travels tomorrow, I hope your plane flight with Ellie is totally uneventful.

ohia said...

Just checked my email for the first time in quite awhile and was absolutely thrilled to see your message. How exciting,emotional,exhausting,fun,and all of that! She is just gorgeous! You guys look great too! Hope your trip home goes well...I will definately be up to see you soon!!
Much Love,
Ohia & all

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Anonymous said...

Hi, we really miss you. I've been looking at your pictures every single day and you guys look very happy. Marc really wants to meet Ellie in person, they should have a playdate. Have a safe trip home .....hope to see you soon!!!<33333

Anonymous said...

So very happy for all of you!! I'm so glad Josh shared your web page with me. Ellie is precious. You two are such a blessing to her! Praise the Lord!!! Travel safe!! Can she visit me when I sub for Josh next month? :-)) Linda Pantier