Friday, January 19, 2007

We Made It To Guangzhou!

One flight down and two more to go! We made it to the airport and through the near three hour flight from Lanzhou to Guangzhou today...Ellie did wonderful until the airplane started to descend and then there was screaming and tears...and two new parents trying to do anything to make her feel better! She made it...and was chuckling in no time thanks to the chinese gentleman behind us making funny faces at her...

The White Swan hotel is a hot spot for adopting parents. It is on Shaiman Island on the Pearl river. The hotel is very nice...nicer than the last spot...We are feeling pretty posh. Our view is mostly city view...Ten million people live here, so you can imagine...a big city.

Tomorrow we have a medical appointment. A formality in the adoption process; then we are planning on walking along the river and doing some shopping. The weather is much nicer here...mid 70s and we are ready to get Ellie out and about.

Didn't have time for too many pics, but here are a few I just took...more later.

We love reading the posts...makes us so happy to have so many wonderful people in our lives. Love you all...until next time...C & S


Anonymous said...

Ellis is beautiful and so happy! Our family is enjoying your posts and pictures. Thanks for letting us journey with you!

Prayers continue for safety and health! Enjoy the warmer weather in Guangzhou!

Dorris Family
Huining adoptive family in TN

Jim, Sara & Shea said...

Well your half way home. Enjoy the warmer weather and the ability to get Ellie out and about. Soak in all the sights and let us know where to go when we get there. Stay safe and sound as our prayers are with you.

Tavia said...

I'm so glad the flight went well and you made it safely to Guangzhou. On the next couple of flights try giving Ellie a bottle just as you start the descent, that will help her ears.

I can't wait to see a picture on the famous White Swan red couch!

Anonymous said...

The White Swan Hotel is where your uncle stayed last time he was there. Suppose they remember him???

You're doing such a good job keeping us updated on Ellie that by the time we meet her it will be like, "Hey, we've known you a long time. Welcome home, Cutie."

I just realized this is your "hump" day. Only a week left. Are you picking up some Chinese words/expressions and can you order food in the native tongue. Oh, what a week it's been for you guys. I guess it's safe to say that you'll never be the same. Boy, howdy!!!

lol/auntie s

Anonymous said...

Kelly and I have been enjoying your
blog. You are a beautiful family.
We look foward to seeing you again.

Sindy & Kelly
Lid 11/18/05 for Allison

Anonymous said...

Your blog is what gets me out of bed every morning....imagine that! I look so forward to any new pictures and hearing about your days activities. Thank you for taking the time to keep all of us involved. Well, I finished Ellie's top layer of her quilt yesterday. Today I went and bought the batting and picked out the backing. It should be done when we come and welcome you all home. We will be sking the weekend you come home, but our first stop will be your house Sunday afternoon. Can't wait to hold her. It's been raining all day here in Scottsdale. What a nice change. Our prayers are with you and only one more week until Ellie sees America...and her beautiful home.
Lots of Love....Kim

Katherine said...

Hi Mr. and Mrs. Holmes,

I am glad now that you guys are getting better weather at least you guys and Ellie can enjoy the outside for a little bit. I hope you guys have a wonderful time on the rest of your trip.

Hope to see you soon Mr. Holmes. You and your family are in my prayers. You guys are both doing wonderful being new parents. It looks like Ellie really like being with both of you guys. Congratulations again.


Katherine Bevilacqua