Saturday, January 20, 2007

Life in Guangzhou

We are so happy to be in Guangzhou. Even though it rained part of today, it was still warm enough to walk around a little bit and enjoy the beautiful area around our hotel...Shaun says it reminds him of what he imagines Savannah Georgia to be...not that either of us have been there!

Ellie had a fever last night, so we were put to the test with dealing with a little sickie...She is much better today...taking a lot of naps in between charming the socks off of her parents.

The medical exam and consulate paperwork went well today and now we just have to hang tight until our consulate appointment on Thursday.

These pics were taken very near our hotel. It is so nice here...there is a man from New York who has a restaurant with pizza that delivers to the hotel...I know we should be eating Chinese food, but right now, a slice of pie sounds to good to pass up!

I see on CNN that the Southwest is gearing up for another storm! Keep warm you guys! Miss you. C


Anonymous said...

I finally sat down and ran through each day, and looked at all the pictures. What an amazing, beautiful little girl!! We are so very happy for you all. Can't wait to meet her!!


Pam and Keith

Kent said...

Omigosh - we just got back from visiting Auna, Jamie, and Devin in Wolfville and checked the blog loaded with the most incredible pictures we could ever envision. You must be absolutely euphoric ( there's one of your words Cassie for happy)!! I'm sure you can hardly wait to be in her room with her at home, but also know you are embracing every second there. You are in our thoughts and prayers as you travel home. Please give Ellie a big squeeze and kiss from us - we love you.
Kent and Judy

Tavia said...

I am loving all the family pictures you guys are taking, they're beautiful. Can't wait to talk to you and hear all the details when you get home!

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying every little bit that you post. You all look so
happy and loving every minute with your new daughter. Sorry she had
a bit of a fever, but glad she is feeling better today.

I am very happy for you guys!! Bet you can't wait to be back in the US to show her off in person!


Natalie :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family. Even my Hailee loves looking at your photos and can't wait to babysit. We miss you but could not be happier that you are finally gone and you have your precious little Ellie. God does wonderful work.
Love, Tashnick

Anonymous said...

Holmes and Cassie - The pictures are amazing and she is such a beautiful girl! Keep having a great time. Looking forward to seeing you guys and meeting Ellie. Chris and Kristi H