Tuesday, January 23, 2007

By the Pearl River

Well...we are having fun exploring the area...

Today we walked along the Pearl River and enjoyed the sights and sounds...It is not very warm here, but it isn't too bad with a coat. Ellie wore the hat Aunt Robin gave her today and made quite a fashion statement...I think pink bears everywhere were pleased.

Ellie is crawling a little now which is a treat to watch...she's pretty slow so we can keep up...give her a week and we'll be chasing her about!

We sure are looking forward to coming home...love, C & S


Anonymous said...

The hat is perfect on her! Thanks for the pic to make Aunt Robin feel good! The one with her hand on her face is wonderful, looks like she's posing! Hurry home so I can hug that sweet thing!

Anonymous said...

Everyone looks so happy! Gorgeous photos.


Anonymous said...

Hey kids...
Your pictures of Guangzhou look beautiful. However, the pictures of Cassie with her little girl and the three of you together are pricless. The Academy Award nominations came out today...they always remind us of you guys :) Ellie will be a home in time for the show. She can be a Holmes Oscar fan too.
love you
tiff and deb

Anonymous said...

Dear Ellie,
I'm glad you are one of my Huining friends. I love you very much. I like seeing pictures of you. Your mommy is very pretty.
Zena "TingTing" from Huining
age 4

Anonymous said...

Ok, I think it's looking like Cassie may have had some plastic surgery done while she was away! Just kidding...I know you're beautiful anyway but your beauty has grown with motherhood!


Anonymous said...

We are so thrilled with each picture we see! Can you and Shaun look any happier?!!! Can't wait to for the okay to visit the new and precious Holmes' addition. Many hugs from Anne and George P.S. We were thinking of what to get you for your birthday but decided nothing will touch the present you got while in China: -)