Sunday, January 21, 2007

Out and About in Guangzhou

We took to the streets least for a little while. The weather has cleared up considerably and we are thankful for that...

Ellie is sitting on the floor making the most hysterical gutteral sounds like she swallowed a small monster!

Shaun and I watched a little Football while she took her morning nap...felt like being at home minus the potato skins!

I tried taking some artistic shots while Shaun carried Ellie...the ally one was pretty good I thought...he took this bridge picture...much better than my attempts!

More, C

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Anonymous said...

Hi Cassie and Shaun! Mom and I were just commenting on how much Ellie is changing. She is becoming more expressive, her little personality is coming out.
Thanks for keeping us so up to date on your journey.

Mom and dad took pictures of Ellie to show their Shepherding group last night, and I mean pictures! They took a whole folder full of 8x11 photos of Ellie:)

Dad said she looks like a little doll. We love you are thinking of you. We look forward to seeing you back home.