Sunday, January 21, 2007

What a Sweetie!

What can I say...She has completely stolen our hearts...We stayed in most of today because the wind picked up with the rain and it was a bit chilly, but tonight it calmed down and we went out with the two other couples to Thai food. The curry was great...the place was very kid friendly and was packed with other adopting families. So many adorable babies and happy parents. It is wonderful to witness.
Ellie made it through the day with no fever...just a 24 hour thing thank goodness. We're all caught up on sleep and feeling good. We are starting to miss home. We can't wait to see Ellie in her room and see Kata's reaction to her (I doubt he'll be jealous...Ha ha) but we are content to take advantage of this very special time with our little girl...


Natalie said...

Can she be ANY cuter? Awwww,
I get the chills everytime I pull
up your blog and it puts a huge
smile on my face! Almost home, keep counting down the days. It's great that you were able to get out
with some other couples and I can only imagine how happy everyone must feel.

Ohia said...

Just got home and got online to check on you guys...glad things are going relatively smoothly. Love the pictures! When will you be home? I'm sure you will have lots of visitors and phone calls when you get back. I would love to come up, but let me know when you'll be ready. We are all just so excited to see you & Ellie!!

Love, Hugs and Kisses

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely glowing. All of you.
I'm so happy for you and Shaun. You're the luckiest couple.
Can't wait to see baby "Ping". Can I call her that?
The blogs are great.
Cassie, you should become a writer.
Love and miss you. Dar